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Patterned White Sea Glass Pendant

  • Patterned White Sea Glass Pendant

A large pendant made with patterned white sea glass. Wire wrapped with silver plated copper wire.

2" x 1.25"

Pendant Only

Comes in a cotton drawstring gift bag.

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Sea Glass... What's the Story?

Each individual piece of sea glass has its own unique story. But the story is a mystery. When was this glass made? Who used it? What was it used for? Where did it come from and how did it get into the sea? Some sea glass has been in the sea for decades and on rare occasions even centuries. The scarcity of sea glass is related to its colour. White and green are more common than brown. Some colours, such as purple, red, orange and citron are very rare. Blue is also quite rare.

Sea glass is an example of Nature sculpting an item of beauty from objects that we have discarded. Pieces of glass and pottery are tumbled and smoothed by the sea. The process can take many years. When sailors hurled empty bottles over the sides of ships, did they realise that the sea would turn them into mermaid’s tears? As glass bottles of different colours become less common in our society, sea glass is one day destined to become a thing of the past. But at the moment it’s a window to the past, to the long gone world of yesteryear.

Not only is sea glass beautiful to look at, the mystery surrounding the individual pieces makes the jewellery extra special.